Calgary NW Children`s Dentist

Calgary NW Children`s Dentist
Your Calgary NW Children's Dentist at Northern Hills Dental is devoted to providing proactive dental care to everyone in your family. As part of this commitment, Northern Hills Dental not only diagnoses and treats your family, but also refers to appropriate specialists as necessary.
The Calgary NW Children's Dentist welcomes families to Northern Hills Dental and provides the dental health care and education that children need- all for a great smile and a lifetime of dental health.
Your children's comfort is very important when considering a dentist. Northern Hills Dental takes pride in trying to create the most friendly, gentle and comfortable atmosphere possible for their young patients. They believe that if handled correctly, coming to the dentist can be an enjoyable experience. Stop in to see the Calgary NW Children's Dentist before you make your initial appointment so that you can meet the staff and your children can have a look around.
At Northern Hills Dental Clinic, Children's Dentistry is of primary importance and they want to ensure that your children develop and maintain a consistent oral hygiene routine that will continue into adulthood. Many parents are not aware that infants also require daily oral hygiene because the tissues in the mouth require cleansing to prevent irritation and infection.
While it may surprise you, it's never too early to begin a regular brushing routine with your child. When your child's first teeth appear, it's time to begin caring for them. Use a toothbrush that is age appropriate for your infant or child. Use the correct brushing and flossing method as described by your Calgary NW Children's Dentist, and brush your child's teeth twice a day until he or she is able to brush them properly without your help. Once you see that your child is able to brush alone, use a timer to make sure that they are brushing long enough. Two minutes is recommended.
Regular visits to your Calgary NW Children's Dentist will ensure that your child is familiar and comfortable with visiting the dentist. Northern Hills Dental also wants to make sure that your child's teeth are being cleaned properly and are coming in correctly. Your child's visits are a great time to discuss any concerns with your dentist. If in doubt, ask the hygienist to go over proper brushing and flossing methods with you so that you can teach them to your child.
In addition to being your family dental provider, as a General Dentist Northern Hills Dental strives to look after all of your oral health needs and are happy to be able to offer you the following general dental services:
- Cosmetic Dentistry
- Dental Crowns
- Dental Bridges
- Porcelain Veneers
- Teeth Whitening
- Laser Dentistry
- Sedation Dentistry
- Invisalign
- Dental and cosmetic facial Botox
- Emergency Dentistry
- And much more!
Your Calgary NW Children's Dentist is always accepting new patients. Call Northern Hills Dental at 403-532-0711 to make an appointment for you and your whole family.
Calgary NW Children`s Dentist
Northern Hills Dental
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Calgary NW Children`s Dentist
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